Dish Network adding DVR recording fee

Dish NetworkStarting on January 15th, it will cost Dish Network customers 50 cents every time they record a program on their DVRs.  The new fee is being added to increase executive bonuses.

Charles Ergen, CEO of Dish Network, is unapologetic about the new fee.  “We need this fee to attract the best executive talent.  Our customers will barely notice the increase on their bills.”  Analysts expect the fee to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Dish Network which will go straight into the pockets of Ergen and his executive team.

Consumer groups are outraged at the announcement of the new DVR recording fee and have urged Dish Network customers to cancel their service.  “Customers can avoid the new fee by simply not using their DVRs,” Ergen shot back.  Ergen was asked if the timing of the fee was poor given Verizon’s recent capitulation on their $2 bill payment fee.  “My executive team and I will be laughing all the way to the bank.”