Comcast threatens employees, vote in online poll or else

Team ComcastIn a show of intimidation, Comcast demanded that each of their employees vote in The Consumerist online poll or face possible termination.

Comcast sent the following email to all of its 100,000 employees:


Our huge company has been nominated by The Consumerist as one of the “Worst Companies in America in 2011” in their annual survey.  You all have been kissing ass to keep your jobs in a period of high unemployment and you should feel lucky that you have not been downsized-yet!

We demand that you participate in this poll and to vote to tell America that you are fearful of losing everything due to unemployment.  Participation is purely voluntary for anyone that wishes to remain employed, and in the event you choose to vote, here’s what you need to do:

* DO NOT vote for Comcast. When you cast your ballot, vote for the other company.  Remember, you’re voting to keep your job in a stagnant economy.

* Click on the following link and vote:

When you cast your ballot, vote for the other company.  Remember, it’s “dog eat dog” out there and you don’t want to be unemployed!

Together, we are making our greedy shareholders and executives insanely rich.  Let’s all keep our jobs and vote for what we know is self-serving.  In fact, The Consumerist sent us a letter encouraging us to “bully your employees into voting for the other company.”  Who are we to deny such a reasonable request?

A spokesperson for Comcast refused to comment on the leaked email other than saying the employee who leaked it would “face chronic unemployment, eviction, starvation, financial ruin, and humiliation.”