Camilla belches “God Save The Queen”, Prince Charles “absolutely humiliated”

Camilla Belches

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was clearly intoxicated when she belched “God Save The Queen” to a shocked audience at a charity fundraiser last night. Witnesses observed Camilla and her husband, Prince Charles, having a “very animated conversation” in their Rolls Royce for several minutes prior to entering the auditorium where Camilla was scheduled to give a […]

Osama bin Laden offers refuge to Julian Assange

Osama bin Laden

Julian Assange, the subject of an Interpol “red notice”, has been offered refuge by Osama bin Laden.  For the past nine years, bin Laden has successfully eluded capture.

WikiLeaks to release Percy Cummings arrest documents

Julian Assange

Hours before being place on Interpol’s most wanted list, Julian Assange announced that WikiLeaks was going to release thousands of documents related to the recent arrest of Percy Cummings, who is charged with sexually assaulting a TSA agent during a pat-down.

CIA: Al Qaeda developing suppository explosive device

Suppository Bomb

Al Qaeda, buoyed by the TSA’s reaction to last year’s underwear bomb, is developing a suppository bomb, according to a press release by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Cross-eyed policewoman becomes Internet sensation

Cross-eyed policewoman

A cross-eyed policewoman from rural Thailand, for no apparent reason, has become an Internet sensation.