Next James Bond film to be set in WikiLeaks bunker

WikiLeaks servers bunker

After PayPal shut down their account, WikiLeaks has struck a deal with the producers of the next James Bond film said to be worth in excess of $1 million.

Details of Gary Coleman’s accident “embarrassing”

Gary Coleman Dead

Gary Coleman, the former child star, died yesterday after being removed from life support.  He was 42.  Coleman was stricken with a brain hemorrhage following an accident at his home in Santaquin, Utah, on Wednesday, according to a hospital spokeswoman.  A friend close to the family called the details of the accident “embarrassing”.

Beatles tribute band member shot by Mark David Chapman look alike

Mark David Chapman look alike

Leonard Johns, who plays John Lennon in the Beatles tribute band “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”, was shot to death on stage during a performance in a small club in Minot, North Dakota.  The suspect, Charles David Marx, is being held without bail.

Anderson Cooper uses child as “human shield”

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper, host of CNN’s AC360, found himself caught in the middle of anti-government riots while filming in Haiti.  With flying rocks coming in from all directions, Cooper picked up a young boy that was standing nearby and held the child in front of him as a human shield while he escaped to safety.  “My […]