Beatles tribute band member shot by Mark David Chapman look alike

Mark David Chapman look alikeLeonard Johns, who plays John Lennon in the Beatles tribute band “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”, was shot to death on stage during a performance in a small club in Minot, North Dakota.  The suspect, Charles David Marx, is being held without bail.

Marx has an uncanny resemblance to Mark David Chapman, the person responsible for shooting John Lennon to death in 1980.  The resemblance is so striking that audience members told police that when Marx came up behind Johns with his pistol raised that they thought it was part of the show.  Many members of the audience laughed as Marx fired repeatedly into the back of Johns. 

Mac Paul, who plays Paul McCartney in Happiness Is A Warm Gun, was asked for a reaction after the shooting.  “It’s a drag, isn’t it?”