After birth certificate defeat, Trump issues new challenge to Obama

Donald Trump

Donald Trump lost the public relations battle with President Obama this week when the president released his birth certificate.  Trump had been insisting that Obama was not born in this country.  Undeterred, Trump is now challenging the president to prove that he is really black.

New research lists Top Ten 420 favorite foods for 2011

crab cakes

It’s April 20th, aka 420, a celebration of the cannabis subculture.  Researchers at the Colorado Mountain College in Dillon, Colorado have released the Top Ten 420 favorite foods for 2011 in accordance with this day.

Pink Cross Publishing: A gay-friendly bible in every motel room

Adam and Steve

Pink Cross Publishing, flush with cash after the success of their gay-friendly bible, has promised to put a copy of the controversial book in every motel room in North America.