Woman who dumped cat in trash to get reality show

 Mary Bale, 45, sparked international outrage when she was caught on CCTV putting a cat in a trash can. The tabby, Lola, was in the trash can for about 15 hours before being found by her owners who heard Lola’s cries for help.  

Product recall: Assworthy Vibrating Butt Plug

Vibrating Butt Plug

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a voluntary recall of the Assworthy Vibrating Butt Plug after being alerted to 3 deaths linked to the product, as well as 59 serious injuries.

iPhone users have more deviant sex

Sex and SmartPhones

Analyzing data from their online poll, OkCupid has discovered that iPhone users have twice as many sexual partners as Android users.  Dead Serious News has analyzed the raw data from the OkCupid poll which indicate that iPhone users engage in more deviant sex than Android and BlackBerry users combined.

Thousands of Apple fanboys form suicide pact

Steve Jobs

Apple has had a cultlike following for years.  Apple devotees, or “fanboys” as they refer to themselves, have always been willing to pay a premium for any product with the famous Apple logo on it.  When Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, takes the stage during a webcast, the fanboys’ eyes are glued to their computer monitors, blissfully impervious to […]

Starbucks to test market instant “Ghetto Mocha”

Starbucks Via

Buoyed by the phenomenal success of its Via instant coffee, Starbucks will be test marketing a new product called “Ghetto Mocha Via”.